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The Essential Owen

Speech & Statements of Prof. The Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur

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Featured Publications

From Flying Machines to the Supersonic Jet Age

A Personal Perspective

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The Essential Owen

The Owen Arthur speeches and official statements are rich and thought provoking, providing relevance to today’s discourse on subjects which are still under active discussion such as the ongoing Caribbean regional experiment.

From Flying Machines to the Supersonic Jet Age

From Flying Machines to the Supersonic Jet Age

Cecil Ince, co-founder of Foster & Ince Travel has spent a lifetime in the travel industry. From a boy in Trinidad watching bombers and fighters depart to join WWII to the first landing of the Concorde by British Airways, he explores the fascinating development of military and civil aviation within the Caribbean and beyond.

Ins & Outs Calendar

Bring the warmth of Barbados into your or a loved one’s home/office year round with our 12-month Ins & Outs of Barbados calendar. Also available as a mini calendar.

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Contemporary Caribbean Cooking

This 164-page book reveals the secrets of delicious Caribbean cooking with 120 tried and tested recipes.

Jill Walker’s Barbados Journal

This Barbadian keepsake features the beautiful art of Jill Walker, reflecting her love for Barbados and its people.

The A to Z of Barbados Heritage

This third edition of the A to Z of Barbados Heritage covers almost every aspect of the island.