This third edition of the A to Z of Barbados Heritage covers almost every aspect of the island from its geological birth, its colonisation by the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, the arrival of Europeans and Africans and their transformation of this rock to a modern-day nation state.
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BASKETRY & RELATED ARTS - Basketry may be viewed as dying crafts but are pursued enthusiastically by some.
CHATTEL HOUSE - As distinctly Barbadian as the dialect or accent, this type of dwelling is a result of historical circumstances and local ingenuity.
DONKEY CART - The traditional cart once common in Barbados varied little over the last hundred years. In fact, the vehicle referred to as a donkey cart, also drawn by mules and occasionally horses, is extinct.
HARRISMITH - Of immense curiosity is this magnificent arcaded mansion on the edge of the cliffs at Harrismith, North of Long Bay and Sam Lord’s Castle.
FLYING FISH (Hirundichthys affinis) - Barbados is renowned for this fish which has been clocked soaring through the air at speeds of 55 km per hour and for as long as 13 seconds at a stretch.
WARRI - A mancala game with several different names including wari, wao, awèlè, awela, ayo, aji, awari and ouri. This game is of the pit and pebble family which originated in Ancient Egypt 3500 years ago, making it one of the oldest games in the world.
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In short, as the late literary icon John Wickham wrote of the first edition, it is a cultural vocabulary of a ‘Singular Island’. It’s completely revised with 40 new entries and magnificent photos.
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